Get Started

You can get started with few simple steps. Please follow the instructions provided below and if you get stuck do not hesitate to contact us on Discord (gophercrypto#4825).

Tip: We would highly recommend that you create multiple contracts to batch your leased amount. With batching, you could earn more by hitting more blocks. Try to create contract(s) with a 2,000 amount. For example, if you are leasing 10,000 then you could create 5 contracts of 2,000 each.

  1. Download the latest NIX QT wallet and make sure it is synced
  2. Once the wallet is synced, go to LPOS tab
  3. Create a new smart contract with provided information below. A screenshot is attached below for your information
    1. Lease to: NSC2tj4QKooYSj3SmnRCUDEHKXNH63zVK5
    2. Amount: the amount you want to lease
    3. Fee Percent (%): 10
    4. Reward Address: NaFMfzWW1on7Bc86SdQrEEjCYNNBRgrRdt
    5. Click send NIX to create the contract

You are done, it's that simple! Once your contract gets 200 confirmations, you will automatically start staking!

LPOS Contract Example

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